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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Introducing of Urban Bus TransportationUnion


Urban Bus Transportation Union is the one of the most famous Country transportation System Unions in Iran.     
Urban Bus Transportation Union has 99 members with 70000 personnels which are Urban Bus Transportation Organizations in all around of Iran.
This Union was approved by country municipalities Organization Council in 2001 For providing of requisite facilities & presenting of instructional ,cultural , technical & professional services and creating of agreement & programming of coming & regular projects and selling &buying of all required spare parts for Urban Bus Transportation Organizations which can be provided from Iran or out of Iran with describing of duties as follows:
- performing of required studies for settling down of financial & administrative & technical Systems and for Bus operating & programming,
-  Compiling& disposing of different training courses for managers & personnel and fulfilling of periodic conferences for promoting of professional & scientific level of members,

 - Planning & support for transferring of Urban Bus Transportation  administration to private-run sector,

- Produce of consultation & technical services in different fields including optimization of lines network,

- Required review in determining of bus type and modality of its transfer to other cities in order to organize existing buses in Urban Bus Transportation on the basis of bus diversity,

- Planning for promotion of public information as well as culture of optimized application of transportation system,

- Taking required plan for mutual cooperation of members especially adjacent Urban Bus Transportation in different fields,

- Taking any type of operations in different fields of production, service, domestic & foreign business affairs and economical affairs in technical field of Urban Bus Transportation Organizations,

- Coordination for preparation & distribution of all required materials of member i.e. spare parts & requirements,

- Communication with domestic & foreign factories, companies, organizations, trading & service centers and taking their agency to accomplish the goals of the Union,

- Creating credit fund by means of investment of members, credits granted by the government, local officials, physical persons and/or legal entities to procure the financial needs of the Union affected by the rules,

- Enjoying the services provided by domestic & foreign technical persons, consulting engineers, contractors, manufacturers, universities and research institutes affected by the rules,

- Studying & offering suggestions regarding to correction of methods, rules, factors of distribution of credits and other facilities to the Ministry of the Interior to allocate subsidy & facilities with reasonable distribution.

- Offering new methods for more efficient use of transportation system and facilities of private-run sector,

- Constant supervision on satisfactory execution of policies agreed by members and offering scientific & executive approaches to remove weak points and develop strengths,

- Accomplishment of other matters relevant to goals & legal duties of the Union.  




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